Learn to Live – Saber Viver

Cora Coralina is like the Supreme Poet of Goiás. (Goiás is a state in Brazil.) I don’t know much about her aside from the fact she is great, but the person who translated this poem I’m using today has a good short life-story of Cora Coralina in her WordPress. (Specifically here: http://rosalienebacchus.wordpress.com/2014/04/02/learn-to-live-poem-by-brazilian-poet-cora-coralina/). I’m not sure what literary movement she is from. If anyone knows, let me know. And if the pessoa-formada-em-letras is feeling specially generous, do let me know if I said something wrong too.

So, the translation was here (http://www.rosalienebacchus.com/writer/Poetry_April2014)

Learn to Live

I don’t know… If life is short
or too long for us.
But I know that nothing we endure
makes sense, if we don’t touch people’s hearts.

Most times it’s enough to be:
the receptive shoulder
enveloping arm
comforting word
respectful silence
infectious joy
flowing tears
caressing look
gratifying wish
encouraging love.

And this is not something from another world.
It’s what gives meaning to life.
It’s what makes life
neither short
nor too long.
But it would be intense
true, pure…
While it lasts.

The original:

Saber Viver

Não sei… Se a vida é curta
Ou longa demais pra nós,
Mas sei que nada do que vivemos
Tem sentido, se não tocamos o coração das pessoas.

Muitas vezes basta ser:
Colo que acolhe,
Braço que envolve,
Palavra que conforta,
Silêncio que respeita,
Alegria que contagia,
Lágrima que corre,
Olhar que acaricia,
Desejo que sacia,
Amor que promove.

E isso não é coisa de outro mundo,
É o que dá sentido à vida.
É o que faz com que ela
Não seja nem curta,
Nem longa demais,
Mas que seja intensa,
Verdadeira, pura…
Enquanto durar.

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